Child Rescue and Support

CRK interventions with children are strategic parts of our ‘families for Children’ initiatives. Kitale town boasts a large number of street children and also attracts a disproportionally large number of people displace by violence ,drought and general poverty. They arrive in search of security and work but often finding neither. With no state support and living in abject poverty and effect of covid-19,many children make their way to the streets in hope of greener pastures .Estimates vary between 500 and 2,000 children being on the street at any time.

our holistic approach, developed over many years of experience, emphasizes improved child welfare through well-coordinated interventions

to ensure continued of rescuing and supporting of vulnerable and unaccompanied children by ensuring that children access basic needs and reduce influx of new arrivals on street, reduce child abuse and neglected by increasing advocacy on children’s rights and enhancing children’s ability to speak and advocate for themselves in children’s assembly. We ensure that children are able to access education through introduction of mobile school on the street and facilitation assistance to support children return to school after rescue.