CRK is an important player in the provision of services to children in the north-west of Kenya. Networking with other organizations locally, nationally and even internationally is of vital importance if the organization is to grow and make best use of limited resources.

Networking enables the sharing of knowledge and best practice, accessing acquired skills and avoiding duplication which combine to increase the impact and productivity of any organization on a tight budget.

Locally CRK partner with INUKA network in supporting needy children to access secondary education.This year (2021),we have sponsored 13 students through Inuka network and the school fees will be paid for 4years

Nationally CRK is a representative in the Rift Valley Province wing of the national Child Protection Network that bring government and civil society together and can influence legislation.

Also nationally CRK networks with Undugu Society of Kenya who have designed the original ‘Association Model’ in Nairobi and is now in practice by us

AMREF have also sponsored a training workshop for social workers and stakeholders on educating communities in child rights and parental responsibilities. This was mobilized by CRK.

Both nationally and internationally CRK works with other children’s organisations to facilitate repatriations and exchange learning visits.

CRK is very thankful to some of our international partners who have facilitated workshops and conferences sharing their much wider field of knowledge and experience with us.